2011 marked the 37th consecutive year of operation for the Lonny Chapman Group Repertory Theatre. Chris Winfield and Larry Eisenberg were appointed Co-Artistic Directors and announced an exciting and challenging Calendar Year season and began cultivating a solid subscriber base that has grown and continues today.
My Three Angels

Sam and Bella Spewack

12/9/2011 to 1/15/2012

Directed by Larry Eisenberg
Produced by Laura Coker and Troy Whitaker

Max Bunzel, Robert Gallo, Sterling Hall, Michael Harrison, Doug Haverty, Garrett Marshall, Hersha Parady, Lloyd Pedersen, Julia Silverman, Daniel Sykes, Chris Winfield, Kelsi Zahl

And Then There Were None

Agatha Christie

10/7/2011 to 11/13/2011

Directed by Shira Dubrovner
Produced by Linda Alznauer

Mark Atha, Dmitry Bunin, Fox Carney, Doug Haverty, Suzy London, Edgar Mastin, Jimmy Ogburn, Michael Robb, Kathleen Taylor, Vesna Tolomanoska, Chris Wolfe

Next Window Please

Doug Haverty

8/13/2011 to 9/17/2011

Directed by Richard Alan Woody
Produced by Fran Freedman

Stephanie Colet, Kady Douglas, Bianca Gisselle, Triisha Hershberger, Shelby Kocee, Chris Wolfe, Gina Yates

The Poor of New York

Dion Boucicault

6/3/2011 to 7/10/2011

Directed by Larry Eisenberg
Produced by Gina Yates

Roy Allen, Michele Bernath, Van Boudreaux, Max Bunzel, Klair Bybee, Larry Eisenberg, Trisha Hersberger, Francisco Medina, Jimmy Ogburn, Juliana Olinka, Kate O'Toole, Alex Parker, Michael Robb, Kathleen Taylor, Chris Winfield

Wait Until Dark

Frederick Knott

4/1/2011 to 5/8/2011

Directed by David Colwell
Produced by Richard Alan Woody

Liza de Weerd, Bert Emmett, Robert Gallo, Kaylena Mann, Matias Ponce, Jeff Warren, Leo Weltman, Chris Winfield

The Trip to Bountiful

By Horton Foote

1/28/2011 to 3/6/2011

Directed by Larry Eisenberg
Produced by Sherry Netherland

Kent Butler, Liza de Weerd, Bert Emmett, Henry Holden, Stan Mazin, Patrick Skelton, Gwen Van Dam, Gina Yates